Social Equity

Cannabis is one of the most medicinally potent plants on earth and can do much more than its recreational use suggests. That’s why Excelleaf is here to provide a modern, professional solution with the best user experience to leave a lasting impact on the cannabis industry.

Read on to find out why our founding partners chose the cannabis path.

Why We Do What We Do


“Taking care of veterans was the lightbulb moment for me and my desire to enter the cannabis space. The vets expressed to me how cannabis helped with a variety of ailments when conventional medicine fell short. It was then that I realized that there were so many more uses for cannabis than I had ever known or understood. We were never taught those uses in nursing or anesthesia school. The second reason is a more personal one. About ten years ago, my mother lost her long battle with breast cancer. I remember how my mother suffered during her last days. The medications prescribed didn’t help her during those difficult times. The pain was so intense and debilitating; she was both hungry and nauseous at the same time, rendering her unable to eat. She wanted to rest both her mind and body, but was unable to do so. I wish I had known more about cannabis then, to help her transition more peacefully. This is my why. I want to help others who may be looking for an alternative, but not sure where to start or who to trust.”


“Why not? is the question. My answer is very similar to my partner, Nakia. I’ve taken care of patients that have incorporated cannabis into their health and wellness plan. I’ve seen the benefits that cannabis has to offer and the difference that cannabis makes in their lives. As an advocate, proponent and supporter of cannabis, I firmly believe this flower is a game changer. For many, this is a lifestyle. To be a part of this community brings me joy to see the changes that this plant has made and to envision the full potential that it has to offer. We’ve only tapped into a small portion of the plant and I am here for the journey. That is my why.”


“I have received countless awards from various community and religious organizations regarding my commitment and passion for public service. In recent years, through my work with the veterans Cannabis Project, I have gained an interest in the emerging cannabis industry as a result of listening to the concerns and debilitating conditions of many of my brothers in the Armed Forces. Always in service to others, I saw this as an opportunity to reach out to close friends in the medical community to learn more about the benefits of cannabis and how it could be used as a medicine for the many veterans suffering from combat injuries. Over the last four years, I have worked to educate others about the cannabis industry and become more involved in the movement to legalize cannabis in Illinois. To inform consumers of the many benefits of the cannabis plant is my why.”


“I want to provide a place where people can legally have access to cannabis. Cannabis is one of the oldest agricultural commodities not grown for food and was banned criminalized and outlawed in 1937.
The criminalization of cannabis has social justice and public health effects. For my son, one afternoon, possession and eight hours of custody equaled an unfortunate future. Arrests for cannabis possession have disproportionately affected blacks and Hispanics and reinforced the perception that law enforcement is biased and prejudiced against minorities.
While others are monetizing the legalization of cannabis, many will never be able to realize their potential because of one mistake. The decriminalization and legalization of cannabis is a prime motivating factor for my why. To redress the injustice caused by harsh enforcement of cannabis crimes, particularly against people of color, is my why. Knowing that decriminalization of cannabis could have a significant impact on long-term economic recovery efforts and ensure that communities of color are no longer affected by the war on drugs is my why.”

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